Orpheus Descending

With only four productions under their belt, Dark Side of Saturn is shaping up as a company to watch for out-of-the-ordinary Orlando theater.

True West

Director Kevin Becker (Bach at LeipzigJett Backpack) has done a solid job of staging Sam Shepard's Tony-nominated script, emphasizing the humor and physicality at the occasional expense of subtext. Krivan, pecking away at an 80s-era typewriter in his Cosby sweater, is insufferably ineffectual at first, but makes a sharp detour into drunken debauchery during the second act once the whiskey comes out. Volence is excitingly unrecognizable with his leathery tan and shaggy hair, sharing more in common with the coyotes who howl outside the house than with his human hermano. In trusth, the pair don't really look or sound much like brothers, but they have a caustic chemistry seemingly born from decades of simmering sibling rivalry.

Key of E 

Key of E, the apocalyptic "junk rock" musical by Orlando musician Andy Matchett (of the band The Minks) and actor/writer Corey Volence, promises to "have it all," and for once at the Fringe there's truth in advertising.


A great story about Dark Side of Saturn and interview with founder, Nick Baniewich 

Local favorites Andy Matchett and the Minks, whose "(Just Can't Wait for the) Game to End" sets the tone of irreverent laughs set to a rock-solid beat.

Andy Matchett plays a bit of the song "Game to End" from the Fringe Festival musical "Key of E"


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