What Better Time to Fall in Luv?

Just as the New York Broadway scene is cooling off for the year, here in Orlando, things are as hot as they can be! Not only has our production of Tennessee Williams' Orpheus Descending been a rousing success, but we are getting ready to launch the sidesplittingly hilarious Luv by Murray Schisgal! Less than a week away, we are thrilled that our fans will soon be rolling in the aisles laughing at the misery of Milt, Harry, and Ellen as they struggle through the stages of relationships and love.

Opening Week

Here we are after a long and arduous journey finally in "tech week" for Orpheus Descending. We are in the Mandell Theater now and have an absolutely wonderful set thanks to Casey Blanton. 

After all the hard work that our cast and crew have put in to the show so far, I am very excited about what we will be able to show the world. This is a truly talented crew and I am very proud to have each and every one of them on board with us on Orpheus. 

Orpheus Descending Rehearsal

Normally we at Dark Side of Saturn try to avoid conflict when possible, but lately, there was a lot of finger pointing that happened at our most recent rehearsal for Orpheus Descending. We hoped that getting the cast into costume briefly would help the situation but, alas. Maybe we should have anticipated that anything from Tennessee Williams would be bursting at the seams with drama. 

Early Rehearsals for Luv

Our lovely cast and crew are already hard at work on one of our two new shows Orpheus and Luv. Luckily for everyone that isn't part of the cast, we have been as giddy as a kid in a candy shop and couldn't resist sharing some of his favorite moments from the latest rehersal. 

Pictured are Corey Volence, Lauren Ashleigh Morrison, and director Justin Regula.